How Your Talents Can Help Shelter Dogs
Ashley Jordan, ChromAnimals Co-Founder
December 5, 2016
For those of us who love our dogs and who love the idea of helping shelter dogs we can find ourselves at a loss. We want to help make a difference, but we aren’t really sure what direction to take. We may not have the time or monetary resources to donate or to foster. We may want to help out with a community project, but we have a conflicting schedule. It can bring on more feelings of helplessness when we see others giving back in ways we wish we could.

What if there were other methods for helping? What if we used our individual talents to help shelter dogs in new and unusual ways. Take this photographer for example. He is used to photographing models from all over the world to help make the fashion they wear sell. He uses his talent and art form to get the world to appreciate fashion in a new way. He decided to take that same idea and help the Humane Society with bringing attention to their shelter dogs.

Through the eye of his camera lens he was able to capture these dogs in a new light. He gave them personality and a chance to shine. Shelters can be a very scary place for these animals. They don’t understand why they are there. They are loud and tend to have a smell that only animals can recognize. They are traumatic and bring a sense of anxiety to an otherwise calm demeanor. Unfortunately, these catalysts can alter any personality in ways that are deemed “unattractive” to those looking for a rescue companion. Wonderful and happy dogs are overlooked because their shelter personalities just don’t match up to who they truly are. You add this with the overcrowding of shelters and you can see a pretty depressing picture.

Then someone comes along like Richard Phibbs and he tries to use his skills at photography to change that narrative. So, I put this question forth to you, what talent could you possibly give to help transform shelter dogs and give them a chance at a forever home? Maybe you play an instrument and can record your music to donate to a local rescue organization. They could play the soothing music during the day to help calm some nerves. Maybe you are good at sewing or knitting and you could make blankets or handmade toys with your leftover scraps of material. Maybe you are a welder and you have the ability to make those bowl racks to keep the food bowls higher off of the ground. This aids in digestion for larger breed dogs. Maybe you are an artist and could donate some time painting pictures of the dogs available for adoption to decorate the shelter and have it not look so bleak for the animals while they are there.

We all have talents that are as unique to us as the personalities and stories of these rescue dogs. I’m sure if you thought hard enough you could come up with something fantastic that could brighten their days and put a little empathy and humanity into their lives!

There is always one very easy way to help these pups and that is by purchasing your very own ChromAnimals medallion. Each emblem purchased helps a local shelter in our area. We take a portion of our proceeds every year and use it to buy food, blankets, or other necessary supplies for a shelter in our area! You should feel good knowing that our medallions are helping to make the world a better place for these wonderful animals.

Happy Rescue Pup
Photograph  via Pixabay
There are still shelter dogs out there that could use our help!

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