Graduating from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Arts in 1989, Deanna Vonada was honored to play a part in the creation of our ChromAnimals emblems.

Dee hopes the core features of each breed provide a clear image for owners to recognize the traits of their own precious “furbaby” reflected within each breed emblem. In crafting her animal portraits, our artist focuses on the eyes to capture a glimpse of the subject’s soul.

Samples of Deanna’s work and contact information may be viewed on her Facebook page.

“I am thrilled with how ChromAnimals raised the bar in representing our favorite breeds. When you need something classier than a flat sticker to show off your faithful friends — ChromAnimals is the way to go!”

ChromAnimals artist, Deanna Vonada

Deanna’s original sketches for the Cocker Spaniel, Boxer, and Doberman emblems.

“In approaching the drawings, I studied not only the breed standards and countless photos – but also the personality characteristics common to each. I used this research to determine the angle and perspective that gave the best insight into each breed. I feel the most important lines that give a breed instant recognition are that of the ears, muzzle and stop. The lines used to portray the eyes set up the frame for viewers to see the eyes of their own dogs reflected back to them.

The size makes them perfect accents for anything from trophies, cages, grooming boxes and lockers. I put one on the outside of a photo album that became a tribute to my last dog.

I am thrilled with how ChromAnimals emblems raised the bar in representing our favorite breeds. “

Deanna Vonada

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