ChromAnimals is the perfect way to honor your favorite lifestyle companion. We believe that our pets are part of the family and deserve to be given the spotlight in a unique, one-of-a-kind way: with a chrome dog medallion from ChromAnimals.

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There are so many choices for dog foods now-a-days. We are way beyond dry versus wet food when it comes to the cuisine varieties for our favorite pooches.

How Your Talents Can Help Shelter Dogs

For those of us who love our dogs and who love the idea of helping shelter dogs we can find ourselves at a loss. We want to help make a difference, but we aren’t really sure what direction to take.

One-of-a-kind, miniature works of art, featuring the…

King Charles Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel

Doberman Pinscher
English Bulldog
German Shepherd

Great Dane
Golden Retriever
Labrador Retriever
Pit Bull Terrier

Shih Tzu
Yorkshire Terrier

At ChromAnimals, we found a world-renowned artist who shared our love of animals. We commissioned original, hand drawn designs to represent the most popular breeds of canines. Then we spent over two years searching for a company that could create durable and beautifully detailed medallions.

How To Use

ChromAnimals can be used anywhere! Including, but not limited to: automotives, refrigerators, cubicles, lockers and computers. Because each ChromAnimal contains a magnet and adhesive backing, there’s no end to its possible uses.

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How You Help

A portion of you purchase goes to help our ChromAnimals community members, who protect and serve at-risk dogs and puppies daily. When you display your ChromAnimals medallion, you also show your love of dogs.

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ChromAnimals are made of high quality automotive ABS plastic and coated with long lasting chrome. Our road-ready, road-tough medallions will last you a lifetime. The image is surrounded with black enamel that really makes our emblems “pop”!

Each emblem comes with adhesive already applied for easy application (magnetic option also available) and are sized at 3 1/8 inches wide by 2 3/4 inches in height (7.9cm x 7.0cm).